All are welcome to request programs and services from OneWellness.  We also have a select number of OneWellness concierge memberships available. Membership to the practice provides clients with ongoing support, inclusive services and other benefits. Consider us an extension of your personal healthcare team.

First Quarter Member Benefits

  • A Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment and 7-Day Diary Review with your new Personal Health Coach.

  1.     Exercise/Movement

  2.     Eating behaviors

  3.     Sleep patterns

  4.     Personal Connections

  5.     Enjoyment

  6.     Stress Levels

  7.     Medical concerns

  8.     Overall life balance

  • 1 Comprehensive Movement and Fitness Level Assessment with a Certified Personal Trainer

  • 50% off your first custom In-Home or Sanctuary Massage

  • 1 Month supply of Standard Process general health nutrition supplements

  • $25 iTunes Gift Card to create your own workout, massage or meditation playlist

  • First 90-day Personal Care Plan (PCP)

  • All ongoing benefits listed below

Ongoing Member Benefits

  • - 10% off of all OneWellness services, products and Signature programs.

  • - Priority for all scheduling requests.

  • - Private OneWell portal which includes:

  •         -Personal health and wellness dashboard

  •         -Personal Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

  •         -Personal Health Record and Scores

  •         -Biometric Screening Results and Comparisons

  •         -Risk for disease analysis

  •         -Tracker with Wireless Device Integration

  •         -OneWellness Personal Care Plan (PCP)

  •         -Private Messaging with OneWellness team

  •         -Share capability with your personal Physicians for seamless integration and communication

  • - A Personal Health Coach for quarterly Six Pillars of Health reviews that include a review of the past 90 days and a comprehensive Personal Care Plan (PCP) for the next 90-days.

  • - Email access to your Health Coach for ongoing support of your Personal Care Plan.

  • - Communication with your Primary Care Physician, as needed.

  • - OneWellness referrals for select complementary healthcare providers and healthy retailers in the local community to help support your care and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  • - Private log-in to your OneWellness account for review of sessions, purchases and account management at any time.

  • - Points and reward program to support motivation and improve compliance for healthy behaviors.

  • - Annual birthday Gift Card toward a service of your choice plus exclusive members-only events.

  • - Flexibilty: Option to freeze one quarter per membership year and maintain current rate. Membership may be canceled at any time with a 30 day notice prior to the next quarter.


2769 El Camino Real,

Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone. 650.330.0107