OneWorkout Sessions

OneWorkout Sessions begin Tuesday August 4th!

Maximize your time! These 30 minute heart-pumping workouts are limited to 4 participants each and are held outdoors at Heritage Park in downtown Palo Alto. Your first OneWorkout is FREE!

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OneWorkout is a signature workout created by Josué Figueroa, co-Founder of OneWellness and master Athletic Trainer. This 30-minute workout is designed for every body, every goal and every lifestyle! Receive personal training focus in a small group environment. Get moving with shorter workouts to fit your busy schedule!

About the Workout:

Each OneWorkout is based on 7 Primal Movement patterns for full body strength:

Squat – Lunge – Push – Pull – Bend – Twist - Gait

These seven strength patterns are the focus of each OneWorkout session with strength and cardiovascular benefits from the intensity of the movements in a short period of time.

Get the personal attention from private training in an energetic, small-group session...4 clients per session - max! Make OneWorkouts the focus of your routine or add them to your current program. The class can be modified for any fitness level and the instructors make it not only heart-pumping, but fun! The 30 minutes will fly by and you will be on your way…

Sessions are held at Heritage Park in downtown Palo Alto.

Introductory Summer Session Schedule

Tuesdays and Fridays 12-12:30pm or 12:30-1pm

More session times will be added in the Fall!

*Must register online to secure your spot in each session. Package of 8 sessions is $400


2769 El Camino Real,

Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone. 650.330.0107