Six Pillars Assessment

At OneWellness we believe that having a balanced, healthy life is multi-dimentional and defined differently by each individual. There are many things you can do for preventive health care and management of dis-ease. So as a starting point for our clients we focus on six things. Six things, that if strengthened, can significantly improve your overall health and well-being.

We call these The Six Pillars of Healthâ„¢: Eat. Move. Think. Sleep. Connect. Enjoy.

Despite your current state of health or fitness level if one or all of these six areas are weak or out of balance it can translate into a host of current and future symptoms. Medical and complementary healthcare will be far more effective with a strong foundation to start from. We know that many people cannot achieve all of the above perfectly but work with you to move you in the right direction. Even small steps have large gains. A comprehensive 6-pillars review is included quarterly for all OneWellness members and this philosophy is woven into all of our Signature Programs and individual services.

    How would rate your Six Pillars today?


    Having a balanced diet consisting of at least 75% whole (non-processed) food. Creating a positive relationship with food that nourishes your body, does not do harm and that you enjoy.

  • Move

    Engaging in consistent movement including a balanced routine of strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility.

  • Think

    Working on healthier thought patterns with more focus and less self-sabotage.

  • Sleep

    Receiving a weekly average of 8 uninterrupted hours of quality sleep per day to restore.

  • Connect

    Taking time, without distraction, to reflect on your most personal values, vision and voice. Connecting to important people in your life and engaging in meaningful activities.

  • Enjoy

    Remembering to live, laugh and play!

  • Submit your Six Pillars ratings and a Personal Health Coach will be in touch with you for a complimentary review and Q&A. New clients will also receive $25 toward a OneWellness service of your choice.



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