Your personal wellness concierge.


OneWellness is a concierge wellness practice with a core belief that the foundation of optimum well-being is a healthy lifestyle. Prior to seeking out clinical support, or as a complement to your medical care, it is important to look at the lifestyle choices you make each and every day. To help address your specific goals our services include personal health coaching, nutrition, custom massage, private fitness training, therapeutic hypnotherapy, personal assistant & organizational services, in-home yoga, life coaching strategies and more.



OneWellness provides our clients with a single resource for exceptional health and wellness services in the mid-Peninsula. In addition to our core team, we have partnered with the finest medical, complementary care, spa, fitness, restaurant, café and healthy retail solutions in our community. This integration has created a network of providers for you to access without having to source, interview and tryout on your own. We've done the work for you. All clients have access to our partner referrals and members have the added benefit of exclusive savings.



Each client has very personal needs when it comes to their individual wellness program. Some have specific goals to achieve, some have symptoms to resolve and others have both. And these needs are changing all the time. Trying to figure out how to piece together a solution is time consuming and confusing. That is why we have created Signature Programs that focus specifically on some of the most common health, fitness and wellness concerns. You may choose one of these programs, design your own or choose a single service with the help of a Personal Health Coach.



There's only one you, but no one single path to optimum health. It can be difficult to navigate through your options, and even more challenging to coordinate it all. At OneWellness we support each client with finding their way. As your personal wellness concierge, we help identify your immediate goals and create an individualized wellness plan that best meets your very specific needs and lifestyle.



New to OneWellness and want to learn more about your Six Pillars of Health plus all of the programs and services we offer? Request a complimentary Intro to OneWellness consult or call 650.330.0107 to speak with one of our personal Health Coaches today!