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At OneWellness we provide core services that help keep your Six Pillars of Health™ balanced and strong. Our services are extremely personalized and always include an initial assessment or intake prior to sessions. Choose a single service or package that include several modalities. All new clients will complete an assessment based on what their initial interests are.

If your needs are comprehensive, or you are unsure of your focus, we recommend that you schedule a Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment and 7-Day Diary Review provided by one of our Personal Health Coaches. This will give you a well-rounded picture of what your most pressing concerns are as it relates to your lifestyle and overall health.

Please contact us to request a complimentary Intro to OneWellness consultation.

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Health Coaching

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Custom Massage

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Personal Fitness Training

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Private Yoga & Meditation

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Nutritional Counseling

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Health Coaching

Personal Health Coaching is a method of guiding clients to address their health and, if needed, assist them in making behavioral changes to improve their overall well-being. You may be starting from a place of concern or good health – either way, a health coach is a great person to have on your team!

We start asking you to complete our Six Pillars of Health™ assessment to evaluate key areas and also look at a 7-day journal to see current lifestyle behaviors. This is followed by a 60 minute comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment and Diary Review.

The Personal Health Coaches at OneWellness have an extensive background in several health-related modalities in order to assess and make appropriate recommendations for you. These recommendations may include one or several of the following:

1) Lifestyle changes you can implement on your own
2) Services offered through OneWellness to strengthen areas of concern
3) Services offered through our Partners
4) Recommendations to see your current health and/or medical providers

Like traditional coaching, our health coaches utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles and support system recommendations for you to ultimately be empowered on your own. The goal is for the client and coach to work closely together in order to stay within the personal lifestyle, limitations and preferences of the client. The coach creates realistic action plans (weekly, monthly or quarterly) and keeps the client accountable in order to achieve the immediate goal. They also help to coordinate some care, when needed.

Health Coaching Options

60 Minute Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment and Diary Review with Recommendations
30 or 60 Minute Follow-Up Sessions (phone or in person)

Custom Massage

At OneWellness we provide a highly customized approach to massage therapy. The foundation is body work to improve movement and decrease pain. Our Licensed Massage Therapists have a wide-range of expertise and extensive experience to address your concerns through therapeutic massage. In addition, we ask all clients ahead of time to complete an intake form and a preference sheet so that your therapist can prepare accordingly.

Our sanctuary massage room is private, spacious and serene. We also provide In-Home Services. Your preferences include the temperature of the room and table, massage pressure, music selection, type of oil/cream, cool lemon water or warm spiced tea and an option for AromaDosha Balancing. You may also choose none of the above. It is customized...just for you.

AromaDosha Balancing

Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the tridosha, are unique in Ayurvedic medicine. The three Doshas are specific types of energy, and when they accumulate in excess in the body, disturbance and dis-ease often follow. The AromaDosha Balancing treatment will help support the system that is most out of balance, through scent, during your custom massage. It is a wonderful addition to your massage experience. You will begin the session with the Aroma selection and leave with a sample of the Dosha oil chosen to continue balancing your energy throughout the day.

Custom Massage Therapy Options

    • 60, 90 or 120 Minute Custom Sanctuary Massage

    • 60, 90 or 120 Minute Custom In-Home Massage

    • AromaDosha Balancing Add-On

    • 2-Hour Chair Massage Event for up to 8 People (each therapist) at your location

Personal Fitness Training

Our training philosophy is based on functional movement and balance at its core. Specific goals are addressed through a series of exercises that don't require typical gym equipment, but rather focus on your own body mechanics. Whether you are a novice, moderate fitness enthusiast or seeking to accomplish an athletic goal OneWellness trainers are experienced to support you.

During the Comprehensive Movement and Fitness Level Assessment the 7 Primal Movement patterns are assessed. These movements are the squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist and gait. From basic daily movements like loading groceries to more athletic movements like cycling every movement our bodies perform can be broken down into a series of one of these movement patterns.

Training sessions may be done individually or with a partner. Private Fitness Training is done at Axis Personal Training studio in downtown Menlo Park. We also provide In-Home services. We recommend that all new clients complete the initial Comprehensive Movement and Fitness Level Assessment. From there our trainers will discuss what type of program would be best for you to achieve your goals.

Private Fitness Training Options

    • 60 Min Comprehensive Movement and Fitness Level Assessment

    • 60 Min Individual or Partner Session at Axis Personal Training studio in Menlo Park

    • 60 Min Individual or Partner In-Home/Office Session

    • Written Personal Fitness Routine (must have completed Movement Assessment and at least one private session)

    • 30 Minute Custom Stretch Sessions

Private Yoga & Meditation

In-Home, Office and Sanctuary sessions are taught by veteran Ranya Anabtawi. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, Ranya will coach you to perform yoga postures and adaptations for your individual goals and challenges. Specific needs such as stress relief, pain relief, disease management and recovery or hormonal balance may be the focus or you may want to discover more about the spiritual practice and lifestyle of Yoga.

If you are interested in practicing the art of meditation, Ranya provides guidance and support to learn mindfulness and stillness both on and off of the meditation cushion. An invaluable practice to improve focus and inner calm.  Private yoga students develop a strong home practice and make significant gains in postures for group classes.

Private Yoga & Meditation Options

    • 60 Min Private Sanctuary Yoga or Meditation Session

    • 60 Min Private or Partner In-Home or Office Yoga or Meditation Session

    • 60 Min Group (3-8), In-Home or Office Yoga or Meditation Session

Nutritional Counseling

Our philosophy when it comes to nutrition is simple. Eat more whole, nurturing foods and less artificially processed foods, that bring dis-ease. In addition our Certified Health and Nutrition Coaches understand that food goes beyond calories in and calories out. We know that there is not one dietary plan that works for all. When you are working with one of our coaches your very personal lifestyle, cultural influences and emotional challenges are taken into account. Working with our coaches you will learn ways to eat nutritious foods without feeling deprived. This leads to a sustainable, long-term, eating strategy.

To understand your personal eating behaviors we ask that all new clients complete a 7-Day Diary with Initial Recommendations.

    • Nutrition Coaching Options:

    • 60 Min Nutrition Diary Assessment with Recommendations

    • 30 or 60 Min Nutrition Follow-Up Sessions

    • Personal Grocery Shopping Tour

    • Personal Menu Planning

    • Detoxification Programs

    • Whole food nutritional supplements available


Therapeutic Hypnosis is proven to be a natural, highly effective way to address unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors to significantly improve the quality of your life.  While hypnotized, positive suggestions can be directed to the subconscious mind, making it possible to eliminate limiting beliefs and counter productive habits in a very short period of time. Though relaxed, clients remain aware and in control.

Hypontherapy may assist with challenges including, but not limited to, emotional issues, pain management, study habits/test anxiety, motivation, confidence, insomnia, feeling "stuck," public speaking, concentration, career change, relationship improvement, fears, bad habits, goal setting, weight loss & management, smoking cessation, anxiety & depression and athletic performance.

You will start with a phone intake that starts with an overview of hypnosis followed by the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about the process. After the introduction, you and your therapist will have an intensive conversation about the specific issue, exploring past, failed attempts at change and reasons why the behavior persists.

A typical hypnosis session lasts one hour in the office. The therapist will walk you through an induction which helps to explore your unconscious for ways to change, reinforcing your innate ability to gain the desired results. Because you are more in touch at this level it is not unusual for you to come to several realizations about the behavior in just the first session that you were previously unaware of. These realizations are the foundation for change.

After each session you will leave a personalized recording to listen to at home for continued support of the work that has been done.

Hypnotherapy Options

    • 3-Part Hypnotherapy session: Initial phone intake, 60 Min Hypnotherapy Session & Private Recording

    • Available as single session or in a series of (3)


OneWorkout is a signature workout created by Josué Figueroa, co-Founder of OneWellness and master Athletic Trainer. This 30-minute workout is designed for every body, every goal and every lifestyle! Receive personal training focus in a small group environment. Get moving with shorter workouts to fit your busy schedule!

About the Workout: Each OneWorkout is based on 7 Primal Movement patterns for full body strength:

                                                            Squat – Lunge – Push – Pull – Bend – Twist - Gait

These seven strength patterns are the focus of each OneWorkout session with strength and cardiovascular benefits from the intensity of the movements in a short period of time. Get the personal attention from private training in an energetic, small-group session...4 clients per session - max!

Make OneWorkouts the focus of your routine or add them to your current program. The class can be modified for any fitness level and the instructors make it not only heart-pumping, but fun! The 30 minutes will fly by and you will be on your way...

Sessions are held at Heritage Park in downtown Palo Alto.  New sessions dates: TBD


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